“Old age must be resisted and its deficiencies restored.”

Leroy “Stachel” Paige

The following excerpts are reproduced from the book ‘How to Stay Young and Live Longer’ by Dr. Ronald Klatz, President, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

  • By replenishing your supply of growth hormone, you can recover your vigor, health, looks and sexuality. For the first time in hum   an history, we can intervene in the aging process, restore many aspects of youth, resist disease, substantially improve the quality of life, and perhaps extend the life span itself.

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, with over 10,000 health professional-members from more than 70 countries worldwide states that the decreased production of human growth hormone in the body is a primary cause of aging.

Work done in the area of growth hormone and the human genome is becoming well known and has been on the front page of virtually every major newspaper in the world.

Can hormone replacement therapy extend the average life span? The answer is a decided YES.  The reason we know this to be true is due to the successful experiments done by those involved with hormone replacement therapies. For instance, estrogen replacement therapy in postmenopausal women has reduced the rate of heart attack and stroke significantly and prolonged their life span. Research with human growth hormone (hGH) has been very encouraging because human growth hormone is pervasive in the body.

Because of the exciting research and prospects relating to human growth hormone and aging, we are learning more about how this can help deter the aging process. Over a hundred articles published over the last 20 years and in the New England Journal of Medicine and other leading medical, scientific and research journals show that increasing human growth hormone may reverse human biological aging and make you look and feel younger.


 Q: Is it true that you should not take hormone replacement on a regular and long term basis?

Our body has a built-in “negative-feedback” loop to signal the brain to turn off production of hormones when the amount circulating in the blood is too high. When you take external supplementation to boost your hormone level, the blood level rises and this feedback loop is activated. For this reason, most professionals recommend a resting period of a few weeks between cycles of hormonal replacement, including growth hormone and others.

Interestingly enough, DHEA is not regulated by a negative feedback loop in the body. In other words, taking supplements of DHEA will not suppress your body’s production of these hormones or cause the adrenal gland to rest, resulting in atrophy from the disuse. Theoretically, no “resting period” is required, although it may be a good practice to have a resting cycle of a few weeks for every few months of therapy, as with all hormone replacements.



Growth hormone is a small protein molecule containing 191 amino acids in a single polypeptide chain. It is the most abundant hormone secreted by the body in the pituitary gland. Its rate of production peaks during adolescence when rapid growth takes place. Release rate decreases 14% every decade. Generally, it remains in abundant supply in the pituitary gland waiting to be secreted into the body. For some cause yet to be identified, this ll-important gland ceases to release the hormone into the body as we age and therefore fails to tell the body to repair the cells.


Following a good nutritional supplementation program, precision anti-aging exercise program, a healthy diet and the right mental health are vital because they work synergistically with hGH to promote hGH secretion.


 Q: Other than getting injections, which is too expensive for me, are there any natural alternatives for me to increase my growth hormone level?

Many physicians practicing anti-aging medicine believe in using natural nutrients. It is done not by replacing the hormone, but by stimulating your very own pituitary gland to naturally increase the release of hGH. Substances, which stimulate the pituitary gland in this manner are called secretagogues.  Secretagogues are all natural and side effects are rare. The results, while not as dramatic as injections, had been very encouraging.

In addition, hGH can be enhanced with supplements such as Chromium Polynicotinate, which helps to lower circulating insulin and blood sugar. Finally, a natural hormonal enhancement program such as estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, testosterone, and melatonin can give an added boost to the secretion of hGH.

Those over the age of 45 should consider hormone enhancement program. Secretagogues can increase your growth hormone level and the results could be dramatic, including loosing fat, smoothing wrinkles, increased energy, less pain and overall feeling and looking younger.

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