Olympian Labs Trans-Resveratrol – 150 mg – 30 Vegetarian Capsules


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Olympian Labs Clinical Trans Resveratrol antioxidants support your cardiovascular, immune, and nervous system health. Additionally, the anti-aging benefits of resveratrol are so powerful that some have dubbed it the Fountain of Youth.Olympian Labs Clinical Trans Resveratrol is a more concentrated and potent source of resveratrol in a biologically active form from Japanese knotweed extract. This helps your body maximize the support resveratrol gives to help provide cellular protection against age-related damage and the antioxidant power your body needs for defense.Studies have also linked resveratrol to supporting blood flow for cardiovascular health, protection against obesity (healthy fat management), and diabetes (blood Sugar Glucose support). Due to the blood flow support, in some cases resveratrol also showed a reduction of inflammation and lower bad LDL cholesterol levels.Resveratrol is naturally found in dark berries and grapes and may support a healthy body.Olympian Labs Clinical Trans Resveratrol is available in 150 mg and 500 mg doses.Olympian Labs Clinical Trans Resveratrol Benefits Include: Hearth Health Supports Helps Defend Against Age-Related Damage Biologically Active Form Powerful Antioxidant Immune & Nervous System Support Healthy Blood Sugar Glucose and Fat Management Support

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