Vital Earth Minerals Cal-Mag – Liquid – 32 oz


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32 oz. Liquid – 30 Day SupplyNew Taste and it’s fantastic!! Natural Passion Fruit Tangerine FlavorHighly absorbable liquid calcium, magnesium and essential co-factors, in a Fulvic mineral base No other bone maintenance formula contains the combined features and ingredients of Vital Earth’s Cal-Mag Liquid. That’s what makes it so effective.To be the best requires a unique combination of ingredients: recognized potencies, the most effective forms, and mild processing that doesn’t damage nutrients. Unite those features with Fulvic and you facilitate the kind of absorption that makes every ingredient in our Cal-Mag Liquid a powerhouse on the cellular level. The body’s ability to utilize calcium properly is directly related to how well it is able to pass through cell membranes. Since calcium is one of the most difficult elements to digest and utilize, the addition of Fulvic is what makes this product unsurpassed for maximum absorption to help maintain healthy bone mass.

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